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Nov 11, 2009


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I really like the stuff from curls.biz.

Hey girl,
I can't wait to see your new do. I have liked your hair long but I find that the uniqueness in you comes out with short hair! Well, let me start by saying that I have the same Frizz issues you have. And I quite can't picture Ruds doing your hair...but good for you...put him to work. He must enjoy the end product right? But getting back to the frizz..I have been using 2 things. My straightening iron (which works wonders) and the Fructris product called Sleek & Shine Anti-Humidity Smoothing Milk, and it works for me. I have also donated my hair to Locks of Love and hope that a lot of people go out and donate too. It's a great cause for children with cancer. Lastly, I agree with the Dominican hair salons. I have been to Gissel's Beauty Salon and a salon our friend Regina took me to and my hair came out shiny, straight, and healthy looking. Can't wait for your next entry! -Your Faithful Blog Reader

Hey Ingrid,

Any particular product from their line? Are they really organic?

Hi My Faithful Reader, a.k.a Berta,

Believe it or not, I don't own a flat iron...but maybe I should borrow yours.

Is the Fructis product for curly hair?

Thanks B!


Hey Glo,
Come to my place...u can always use my flat iron...it's so easy to use!
Fructris has products for curly hair. I don't have curly hair so I use their products for straight hair.

Hey Gloria - I love that you donated your beautiful hair. As you probably remember I used to have pin straight hair until about 15 yrs ago. Somehow my hair started to change and now I'm still trying to get used to the waves/curls. I've never been one of those girlie girls obsessed with hair products or styling. I'm more of a wash and go type of gal. I guess that's why I'm struggling with letting my hair grow. I've constantly chopped off my hair since I turned 19 yrs old. I get antsy when my hair reaches my shoulders.
I've been using this Moroccanoil styling cream and Eufora's Curl N'Spray Revitalizer. I like it. I also bought a flat iron thinking I could get used to taking time to style my hair. I think I used it 3x the first 2 weeks and now it just sits in my linen closet. I'm afraid of burning my hair or really doing something stupid to my hair. lol

Post a picture with your new do!!

You just cut your hair about 10 inches for two reasons...1) you needed a change 2) you wanted to donate your ponytail to Locks of Love. It's a non-profit that helps disadvantaged kids who are suffering from hair loss. This is the second time you do it and you are happy to share these unruly black curls with those in need and we are also like your unruly black curls hair and you reasons are very solid.

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