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Oct 06, 2009


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It is a lot of work keeping up with your peeps in FB. I had to delete a friend bc I hated having to erase his comments constantly. I don't have time to deal with that nonesense! So good for you Glo. That's exactly what I would have done.

I had a similar experience with a fb friend, who posted some weird remarks about muslims etc... I commented very politely but very strongly on it. I do think that we should not accept any kind of racism EVER. But I am also the kind of person that, if someone makes a racist remark on the train, stands up and say that I cannot sit by a racist because I am disgusted...
maybe I am a bit extremist but I think that we live in a world in which we have to take a position and fight our battles, starting from the very small... like removing a fb friend and explaining why.

Hi B,

I guess you have to ask yourself..."what kind of 'friend' do I have if I constantly have to erase comments?"

You clearly answered the question.


Hi Maddalena,

Welcome to the girly network! Thanks for your comment.

Overall, isn't it weird the amount of info people divulge on fb?


For stuff like that I hit "Hide so and so". For annoying comments (haven't had any yet), I probably would delete.

How do you "hide" someone on fb? I didn't know you could do that.

Put your mouse near their entry on your feed and you should see something that says, "Delete so and so / Hide so and so"

Yeah you can also still be friends with people on facebook but make it so they can't write on your wall or see your status!!! it's the best!

wow, long question title. ANYWAYS, I've gone out with this girl 3 times in the last monthish, almost once a week we go hang out together ust the two of us. We usually just go out, eat, and go back to her place to watch a movie, we went shopping for one occasion. besides that, we've always had a good time, alot of laughs, and rarely any dull moments. Should i get to "askin her out" or what?
btw, can someone give me a definition of that whole going out thing and hanging out. i think i know, but, hey, my social knowledge is pretty bad. so, there yah go, thanks in advance to the "yahoo answers community":D.

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