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Oct 01, 2009


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Sorry girl...I am faithful to the Lancome Bi Facial...I have tried others too but I always go back. That's why I don't take taxi cabs..I spend my money on better things!!!

I love Mary Kay's eye makeup remover at about $14.

Damn yo! $$$... I just use soap and water. I thought you were going to recommend something I'd be willing to try when I clicked on this post. Frankly, I don't see myself spending more that $7.00 on something like that.

Ingrid you are too funny!!! Actually I do also recommend Origins "Well Off" for $16.50!!! But Lancome's is the BEST!!!!

Hi ladies,

Thanks for the recommendations. I'm taking notes.

Ingrid...I'm cracking up too! Well, soap and water gives me raccoon eyes. It's nice to have a product that removes everything without irritating your skin. What soap are you using?


You never mentioned which eye make-up remover you ended up buying in Sephora.

I just use whatever. Right now I have some Avalon Organics vitamin C thing but if I use it too frequently my skin gets dry spots.

Re: raccoon eyes: Yeah, you kind of do have to scrub. When it all doesn't come off I put olive oil on a cotton ball and wipe it on, then wipe it off a minute or two later.

Hi B,

I bought Lancome's Bi-Facil because I needed it right away but thought I should do my research for my next purchase.


Hi Ingrid,

I have very dry skin, so your Avalon product would definitely not work for me.

I wonder how olive oil alone would work....hmmm. Maybe I'll try that.


Hi Ingrid,

The olive oil as eye make-up remover works well! I didn't have to scrub and be rough at all...the mascara slipped right off. The only thing that some ladies may mind is that your eye area will be a bit greasy. I don't mind that at all because my skin is so dry. In fact, in the winter, I wear olive oil on my face. My skin seems to soak it right in...without looking excessively oily.


Glad it worked. :) I imagine that if you're taking your makeup off before you go to bed that your skin will absorb the oil in your sleep (like it's supposed to) and you won't wake up greasy.

I only use that avolon stuff when I come back from the gym or if my face is blemishy. Other than that I use regular body soap.

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