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Sep 29, 2009


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My sister was and STILL is right - cereal is "no meal for a man"!... LOL...

Rudes, then you can put your cooking skills to the test - LOL!! Bharat and I have a similar cereal story, but our 'cheerios' is a turkey sandwich. There are just some days you just can't be bothered with the pots and pans!

Hi Sue,

Girl, turkey sandwiches were our other alternative :) It's quick and healthy. You can't go wrong with that!


Hi RC,

You're funny!

So, how do you define a "man's meal"?


Why am I laughing so hard that I think the neighbors heard!!! As for my answer to this piece I feel that all of us get that question from someone. I often get posed that question by a cousin of mine. She says, so what have you cooked lately? And once I responded, "Tuna fish"...well she said..."That's not cooking"! But when it's time to cook for 1 I rather eat salads, cereal, eggs, sandwiches, or just wait for breakfast. Only you are the master of your belly. And as for No Meal For a Man..RC..I think you should say..that's no meal for my wife!!!

Hi B,

Did all of Bayside hear you? LOL.

Well, I will have to agree with your cousin...tuna fish is not cooking:) I hear you's hard to cook for 1 person. When I was single, I still survived on Special K and turkey sandwiches. It's quick and easy. I rather that...than stuffing myself with junk food.


This is soooo funny Gloria! Let me tell, you'd think my husband was an old Latino man because he'd be right there agreeing with your Mami. A bowl of cereal is a perfectly fine dinner for me after a long day of work. But, tell him that? No way! He needs meat and potatoes. If I don't cook, he eats out. C'est la vie.

Ruds and You were laughing for days! You must say though, that after 3 years, You've discovered some fast-meal recipes that do the trick of filling up the bellies. The days of bowls of cereal are not completely over. but now You mix it up a bit.

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