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Sep 28, 2009


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Just this weekend, I was getting ready to attend a rehearsal dinner for Kris' cousin's wedding. I threw on a pair of jeans, a black shirt and a frumpy old sweater and sighed as I looked at the mom in the mirror staring back at me. When did I become this woman? What I wouldn't have given in that moment for a "pssst" from that man on the corner at that very moment.

But, I hear ya girlie. When I lived in NYC, it bothered me too. But, you know what? Men in Rochester, N.Y. never do that stuff and so whenever I go down to the city and get some whistles or "hey mami"'s - I flash my brightest smile and thank God that even at almost 35, I still got it!

Hi Ali,

Of course you got it! The woman in the mirror is beautiful...don't forget that! Having said that...I can totally relate to having an "I feel ugly" day. That's when I whip out my favorite pair of jeans and dig out my lip gloss. They somehow make it all better.

As far as piropos, I don't mind them, as long as they're respectful. If a stranger smiles or says "good morning" or like my waiter the other day, who told me I was pretty when I left the restaurant...I either smile back or try to be polite about it. I have no reason to be bitchy. I'll confess it makes me a little uncomfortable, but it's a compliment after all. But the "pssst, psst" just pisses me off! I give those guys the dirtiest looks or I ignore them altogether.


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