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Sep 17, 2009


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Howdy from Texas. We're on the same cyberspace wave today: fans of Julie& Julia & blogging about it!


Hi Sharon,

Welcome to the girly network.

I checked out your Julie & Julia entry and I laughed because I also dragged my husband to see this film.

You're a lucky lady to have a chef in the home. For the most part, I'm the cook in the home...and my hubby is the dishwasher. I much rather dirtying dishes than cleaning up...any day of the week.


Thanks for commenting on my blog! I'll be back to visit yours again....

Glo! How cool! You met a fellow blogger from Texas.

I really liked the movie as well. I too think that Meryl Streep is brilliant! This movie was written by Nora Ephron, who is my FAVORITE screenwriter/director. She wrote You've Got Mail, Sleepless in Seattle, When Harry Met Sally. I just absolutely LOVE her movies. I guess that's what excited me the most :-) If you get a chance, pick up Ephron's book I Feel Bad About My Neck - it's hilarious!

Besos! Ali

Hi Ali,

I know, isn't that cool? My first comment from Texas...exciting!

Thanks for the Nora Ephron info. I'll def look for her book the next time I go to the library. Is it fiction?


Meryl will always be the IT girl....or should I say woman. She is brilliant in this movie. I saw Julia Child...not Meryl...simply amazing! But I do have to say that she did dissapoint me in only 1 movie...I regretfully paid full price at the theatre bc my cousin Rafael was mal-informed! The movie was Mama Mia. It was bad bc a lot of the cast could not sing including Meryl and it was a musical!
Do I relate to either character?
I am not the Master cook like my mother...and I do not blog. Although I am a faithful Girly network reader. But I do love you Gloria!

Hi B,

I heard from a lot of people that Mamma Mia was not Meryl Streep's best. I haven't seen it so I can't really comment on that. I guess we can forgive one bad movie, right?

As far as eating...I'm definitely an expert!


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