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Mar 13, 2009


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There is also Toddlers & Tiara's which is the same kind of show. And you forgot to mention that there are a father's (few but still) that are all in it too. One father mentioned that he wanted his 5 year old daughter to be a model. How tragic...I think the mother's are living through their daughters. One mother told her daughter that she (the daughter)was beautiful, and that she (the mother)would never be as beautiful as her. And they both cried. I also can't believe that these families spend sooo much money with the prize money being way less than they have spent on dresses, costumes, coaches, choreographer's, hair and make-up. And since these little girls are in the age of losing their baby teeth they have fake prostetics (false teeth) too!

Well I'm glad that someone has admitted that they watch it too! My roommate and I have watched a few episodes, and to put it lightly it is a bit.....insane. I think that most of the time the mother's are living vicariously through their daughters, which is a lot of unnecessary pressure to put on a 5 year old. Bharat thinks we should boycott the show - he doesn't want those crazy mother's influencing us! Imangine we start walking aroung walking around with big hair, lots of makeup and perma grin on our face - "I want to cure world hunger."

Hi Sue,

Yes, I do watch it...although I'm not proud of It's just so addictive. It's definitely insane to see those mothers getting all crazy hiring choreographers and mentors so they can take the cheesy trophy of Little Miss Perfect. Nuts!


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