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Gloria is a thirtysomething Writer/Producer based in NYC. She's had the opportunity to produce web, cable and network programming for the following clients: HBO, Lifetime, Extra, Sesame Workshop, TV Guide Network and, among others.

The girly network is a lifestyle blog for the thirtysomething ladies. Why "girly" you ask? Well, for me, the word "girly", a.k.a. nena, is a term of endearment. It's how my girlfriends & I greet each other. In any event, my girly network is an incredible group of women, they're truly my spiritual comadres. I'm counting on them to fuel this blog with lots of colorful talk...about relationships, food, wine, work, beauty, fashion...and all the behind-the-scenes to our thirtysomething years. So, here's to expanding that sisterly network.