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Jul 23, 2009


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I think the obvious issue here is that the child is desperate for attention, primarily her mother's. The biggest problem in parenting today is that parents just can't be bothered with the work of parenting. It's easier for her to sit down, open her magazine, and ignore her child's behavior than to be an active parent and discipline her.

While I agree with you that socially, she is going to have a tough time - I'm more worried about the effects of having a mother that doesn't make time to be involved with her daughter.

I agree that the frustration here is more with the mother's lack of parenting than the child's actions.

I couldn't help but think back to my mother's "look". The look that told me, "You know better than that". It didn't require anything more because I just knew not to push my luck further. I'd made that mistake before and I wasn't that dumb to do it again.

I'm not an advocate of spankings, but I do believe that healthy fear in your parents goes a long way ;-)

Hi Ali,

Thanks for your comment.

I think you're right. The girl was desperate for some attention but I don't think that's the primary reason why she felt compelled to yank a total stranger's zipper. I just think she wasn't taught that touching strangers or their things is inappropriate.

As far as the mother...she was clearly out of it...or preferred not to be bothered with parenting her child. It's sad actually.


Hi Jules,

Oh that infamous look...I remember that like it was yesterday. If I took it a step further with my mother and I pushed her to say "wait 'til we get home", I knew my butt was


Wow...the look...let me tell you ladies I still get "the look" from my about fear!!!
I know two little girls that have that problem...yes in my family. It's so tough bc you end up with the big question in your head...Do you say something? Do you not? I feel bc I am not yet a parent my advise won't be that credible. But when I have said something (to one of the mother's) I just get the "u-huh"..and the "you're right" answer, but when it happens all over again the mom does the same thing as always. Unfortunately you come to the point of not wanting to be around the kid bc of that lack of respect she has or was not taught. And when you come across this in a public place with a stranger, the kid (well for me) loses his/her cuteness. Too bad that in order to be a good parent you have to not only have the information (from other's or in literature) available...but you have to process and learn from it. Many people read those parenting books/magazines...but they don't practice what they read. As for the girls in my family: I ignore one, and the other I feel such a strong bond to, that I could never give up on her. Maybe I can teach her (while her mother is not around) and maybe she will understand.

Hi B,

I'm only comfortable correcting my nephews and that's because I spend a lot of time with them. I love them as if they were my own and my sister realizes I only want the best for these boys. If they act up, I tell them on the spot and they listen to me.

All the other kids, I try to bite my tongue. I know it's a sensitive subject with some mothers.


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