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Feb 26, 2009


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No pain, no gain girl! Who coined that expression anyway? Probably someone who enjoys torturing others. Well I guess I could put up with a little bit of torture if the result is Michelle O arms. Looking forward to getting back on the yoga wagon with you!!

Hi Sue,

Welcome to the Girly Network!

I'm looking forward to having a yoga buddy again :)


Sore muscles after a work out (...any work out!) is just a friendly reminder from your body that; if you don't use it, you'll loose it! Yes, loose it, as in flab-attack, jelly-belly, roly-poly, gordis and on... LOL. In all seriousness - soreness is a good indication of an effective workout. Although, one must be extremely careful as to the distinguish the TYPE of soreness, some of which can indicate improper technique or overdoing it. The tricky part is making the distinction, as it's a bit difficult to discern, but personally speaking; GOOD soreness should not last more than one day and should not really limit range of motion. Additionally, for frequent exercisers - SORENESS can be USED as a guide for alternating your workout regiment progress and process. This is more commonly know as "deceiving the body". That is - if you do the same thing every time, the body adjust and will anticipate your routine and not really make any progress. Therefore, a little soreness once in a while may be a GOOD THING!

Hi Ruds,

Welcome to the Girly Network!

I'm in the flab-attack category...hoping to move to the more active category. You're right...I feel a lot better today, than I did yesterday. So I guess it was the necessary soreness. We'll see where it goes.


Wow Ruddy, you really know a lot on this subject!
I felt sore with any workout period. Yoga is really not for me though...but I tried it and did not like it. I have to get back to doing some sort of exercise other than play fighting with my brother! Even my Dad is stronger than me! As for Michelle...Whoe she has the arms I want! I just saw her yesterday in the Stevie Wonder tribute and she looked amazing in her beautiful sleeveless green dress. Go Michelle!!!

When I'm feeling sore I like to remind myself that the pain means my muscles are getting stronger.

Sore muscles means things are working!! I personally love yoga and will probably join you at the all wooden bikram yoga studio you go to. I cannot stand the carpeting that all bikram yoga studio's in nyc have!! yuck!! Anyhoo - hope you're all better now and ready to go aggain.

Hi Giselle,

Thanks for your comment!

I went today...and let me tell you...on a cold day like today, you appreciate the hot yoga even more. It was great!!

Have a great week!


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