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Jan 28, 2009


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Hola chica!

I must admit the reason I get annoyed when Vic forgets his ring is that other girls won't know right away that HE'S MINE! LOL :p

Hey Girly,

Congratulations on your new blog and lots of luck!

I don't wear much bling but I do wear a few select pieces every day, including my wedding band. On the one or two occasions I forgot to put my ring on, I felt... lighter. Kinda like when you go from having long hair to short hair. But you're right, it doesn't make you feel less married. You just have less jewelry on.

I don't know if I ever told you this story. Years ago when I was married I spent the weekend with girlfriends at the Jersey shore. I lost my rings in the ocean, I was totally devastated. I thought Oh Dear Lord my marriage is doomed (I guess you can say I'm superstitious and melodramatic). I was so worried about what my husband would say. Of course he said I was careless even though I explained an undercurrent caught me and I almost drowned in the process...I was lucky to be alive. I did feel like losing my rings jinxed my marriage and it took me a long time to realize that the rings were just rings and that my lack of having them would not change the status of my marriage.

Hi Vicky,

Thanks for checking out the girly network!

When you're used to wearing a piece of jewelry everyday, I can totally see how you'd feel weird without it. It happens to me with my earrings...I feel naked without them.


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