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Jan 30, 2009


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You cant begin to talk about how to instill things in children without the nature vs. nuture talk. So before I give my opinion..I would first ask how are their parents (their environment?) Are Kay's parents live and vivacious? and are JC's parents less opininated and low key?
Well other than those usual questions, I think its all about instilling confidence in children. I'm a big believer in involving kids in sports or anything that demands their time and effort. This way they gain a sense of self accomplishment (from themselves) and recognition (from, friends..etc). Which I think is KEY to building a child to believe in themselves, gain an opinion about life, and also feel confident to express themselves without feeling judged. Its all about confidence!
I think its great that you let him help you around the house, im sure he loves it because you love it. It must make him feel good knowing that it makes you happy, and thus makes him feel good about himself!
Do I make sense? At times I tend to think Im a child

So funny. I think it's cause she's a girl. JC can hold his own with my kids. :)

Hi Ingrid,

I never thought that his behavior could be because of her gender. you think he could have a crush on her? I wonder if 6-year olds have crushes.


Dear Ana...a.k.a child psychologist,

The nurture vs. nature debate is always an interesting one. I smiled when you asked if JC's parents were less opinionated...because it's the total opposite. JC's mom (my sister) is super opinionated and far from quiet.

When JC is around me I try to give him tasks that will give him the opportunity to both succeed or challenge him. I agree with you that it's all about confidence.

Thanks so much for sharing your comment.


What's a lettuce dryer? :-)

Hi Nathalie,

The lettuce dryer is this round bowl and the cover has this thing on top that you press. It spins your lettuce, drying it in the process. I'm not sure if I'm explaining it right...look for it at Bed, Bath & Beyond. Let me see if I could find a pic and I'll send it to you.

I'm not a big fan of wet that's why it's my favorite gadget.


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